Style Furniture between hand-crafted production and design

Salaiolo keeps alive the tradition of Alta Valle del Tevere style furniture combining hand-crafted production and design, quality and functionality, stylistic research and practicality. The natural material, soul of every project, is worked accurately and valorized in its distinctiveness: from all these features arise exclusive pieces of furniture with a story to tell, to live in your cosy home atmosphere.


The beauty of Salaiolo furniture is completed by lacquering and polishing processes that captivate all the senses: they begins from sight and finish with the pleasure of touching prestigious surfaces.


The choice and selection of prestigious essences arises from the deep knowledge of the material and from the intention of keeping the harmony of the shapes and colors of nature unchanged.

Handmade decoration

Furniture decoration is entrusted to artists who are able to give life to real hand-crafted products in which you can find art and tradition.


Why choose Salaiolo furniture?

Salaiolo creates unique style furniture, perfect for sought-after and refined spaces. They are excellent quality furniture, resistant and functioning, enriched by innovative design and many handmade details.

Salaiolo in three words?

  • Experience: For more than 30 years Salaiolo has been producing valuable furniture.
  • Hand-crafted: Decorations and handmade production make unique every piece of furniture.
  • Quality: Materials and finishing touches are accurately selected.